Hi! I'm Shelby and I am the woman behind the lens. I am a wife, mother to four amazing children, and a fine art photographer. When I am not behind my camera you can usually find me with a cup of coffee at my desk editing away, reading a book, or in Disneyland with my family. 


My pull to photography started at a young age. I was 5 when I was gifted my first camera and have had a camera in my hands since. I spent many hours dressing up my brothers and cousins, posing them and taking embarrassing pictures, sorry guys. I instantly fell in love with capturing memories that I could look back on months or years later. 


In High School, I started studying the art of photography and soon learned how to use a dark room and develop my own film. Eventually, the digital world took over and I taught myself everything I needed to know. As the years went on my passion for Photography grew stronger and eventually, I made the decision to turn my passion into my work and have never looked back. 


I am genuinely passionate about what I do and my ability to capture and create beautifully authentic images for my clients to cherish for a lifetime. There is nothing more special than being able to go back and relive some of life's biggest moments through your photographs. I truly look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your loved ones. 



"When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is I would like to know them" - Annie Leibovitz